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Luxurious Relaxing


Temple spa facial and body treatments are famous for there heavenly feel and stunning results.
Using award winning anti ageing solutions with demands to every skin type , your skin will be left balanced, comforted and glowing with health.

  • Decleor Classic facial /55 min £32.00

    This multi award winning facial is power packed with vitamins and anti oxidants, including a deep cleanse, exfoliation, aromatherapy massage to shoulders and scalp, finished off with our deliciously warm and decongesting mask. Skin is left feeling perfectly replenished.

  • Decleor AHA facial /40 min £42.00

    This facial is developed for acne scarred, pigmented complexions and lines and wrinkles. This treatment is highly affective yet gentle. Fantastic once a month booster for your skin to leave it feeling even and velvety soft.

  • Temple spa booster facial - 25 min £20.00

    When you are short of time but want to bring back an irresistibly healthy complexion this is the perfect rescue remedy for rapid results . Using a combination of massage and essential oils to revitalise tired skin leaving it fresh and radiant.

  • Temple spa energiser facial - 40 min. £28.00

    This smoothing facial gently refines skin imperfections . Developed for acne scarred, pigmented complexions and lines and wrinkles. Highly effective yet gentle it's also the ideal skin booster for your skin care regime. Transform your skin texture and leave it velvety soft.

  • Temple spa prescription facial - 55 min. £35.00

    This beautiful facial is power packed with vitamins and anti oxidants. Stress simply melts away thanks to deeply relaxing massage techniques. Our deliciously rebalancing mask decongest's and leaves your skin feeling deep cleansed, perfectly replenished and glowing with vitality.

  • Temple spa deep purifying facial - 40 min. £30.00

    Pollution, stress and hormone imbalances can leave skin clogged, acne prone and lackluster. With specialised spa techniques equipment and products, our deep purifying facial is able to go far deeper than any home based regime. Including a deep cleanse, exfoliation, finished with a mask that will work to the very depths of the eperdermis, cleansing dead cells as well as balancing and improving skin texture.

  • In beauty chocolate facial - 40 min £28.00

    A warm chocolate mask for all skin types which aims to replenish skin moisture with rich cocoa butter that hydrates and smoothes for silky soft results. A deep cleanse, exfoliation and face massage is also included in this blissful treatment. It's collagen boosting cocoa will firm the skin and deeply cleanse the pores to reveal a radiant complexion.

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